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Why did I start to write glftpd scripts ? 
Well, I like Glftpd service, and I use it not as private ftp but 
for Apache web server.

                                 - [ News. ] -

28 jun 2023: 'GLbeacon 001d' released.
             Added the jump funcion, to switch session to a second team_

25 nov 2021: 'GLbeacon 001c' released.
             It's a simple test to use the beacon concept (connect back
             shell), in a glftpd enviroment.
             Just trying to recall the beacon once needed.
             Other info in the README file.

26 Dec 2007: 'HtGL 0.72' released, read nfo inside for
             more info.

11 Dec 2007: fixed Htgl but I still have to change some code.
             I noted in glftpd-2.01's dir (/bin/sources) the program
             passChk, I can port the sha1 password routine to my source,
             and htgl will be able to run in 2.X core.

25 Nov 2007: found a bug in htgl 0.6c
             passwd file isnt correctly updated with right cripted pass_
             word. The utils works just with glftpd 1.32

29 Gen 2006: GL_antikad 0.22 (checks if the user
             is using the famous p2p network kad).

22 Apr 2004: #glht is closed on efnet. cya.

20 Mar 2004: 'Quota 1.2.4'
             Read the header lines in quota.c to see the changes.
             I rewrote some of code, so the program can be used without
             problems from bash or glftpd. Fixes in quota-setup.sh .
             The files '.quote' will be added and removed by root or
             glftpd account. User can finally use 'site quota' to regain
             upload access.
             Thanks to Apocalyp and r_winter.

17 Mar 2004: Apocalyp found some bugs in 'Quota 1.2.3'.
             Some of them are already fixed, but I need time to correct
             another routine, so I removed the lynk from the page.
             Soon news about 1.2.4. Cya.

07 Feb 2004: 'HtGL 0.6c'
             The util gone today in producion state, so to works
             I applied some patchs, and fixed some openfile routine,
             and did tests, like 6 hours.

04 Feb 2004: 'Quota 1.2.3'
             Tested on Glftpd 2.0 ALPHA6, fixed some bugs (dir control,

06 Jan 2004: 'RpGL 0.2' relased, for info see the
             internal nfo.

04 Jan 2004: Started to write 'RpGL 0.2'.
             It moves files from a dir (where people upload stuff)
             to another dirs according with directive file in '/etc'.
             The uploader will rename the files with a tag (example:
             mp3s-somedude-song.mp3 , the script will scan every file
             and will move in the right dir.
             Well, I know, there are many scripts that do this, but 
             I needed one (fast) to run on private site.
             I'm still doing some checks and tests, but I will upload
             it here very soon.

25 Nov 2003: HtGL 0.6a Released.
             This version reduces to one step, the commands to add
             a new virtualhost under apache (before were 5).
             - it adds users and passwords when you add a domain.
             - it deletes users and move the user data in a lumber
               dir. (after all commands type: site purge )
             - 'plusdom' and 'delplus' adds/deletes a virtualhost with
               documentroot under a user's dir.
             (for more infos read the nfo in tar.gz file).

21 Nov 2003: I'm ready to release Htgl 0.6a in the next days.

13 Nov 2003: GwhGl 0.14 released.

12 Nov 2003: I'm still fixing my new script. I got some troubles
             with the personal dupelog file.
             I'm no more on newnet, only Efnet chan: #glht
             Soon News and 'the script'.

04 Oct 2003: I'm still working on the new script. The name will be:
             "Graphic Work Hard". This addon permits to normal user
             to collect info about file created, moved, deleted in his
             home and store day by day a private dupelog.
             This is usefull when another guy (example a graphic) is
             working on your website, or other files.
             Also the admin could use it to collect all data/history
             users. Stay tunned.

21 Sep 2003: I found a big bug in PhGL, so I rewrote most of the code.
             Here for you the new PhGL 0.3.
             I lost 3 hours to fix PhGL, so the new addon is still not
             complete. Stay tunned for news.

14 Sep 2003: New ascii-logo (Pogue), thinking a new addon.

06 Sep 2003: Here for you PhGL 0.2 for Glftpd.

01 Sep 2003: Soon a new script for you.

21 Aug 2003: Quota 1.2.1 This new version includes
             a simple and fast routine to copy the .quote file in the
             /ftp-data/users/, excluding the 'cp' system call. ENJ0Y.

07 Aug 2003: Quota 1.2 This is the final quota
             script for your webserver and Glftpd. More Fast, bug fixed,
             without system calls. Info for installation are in the *.c
             files. Enjoy it.

                                 - [ Stuff ] -

Since in past I started to install server with ncftpd (oh yes a good and
light server) all my users were in /home/*.
Import 1.0a is a little util that you can use with your homes/logins
stored in tar.bz2 inside a directory.
The script help to extract the files, set login, password, and ownership
for the user in the new server.
I used the script more than 400 times, and it works good!
For other help read the import.sh in the zip.

Import 1.0a


This script, simply check the users quota, you can setup it to run with
crontab every 3 or 6 hours. 
If the user is over quota, he will not be able to uploads new
files, but he can simply delete some stuff, and type
'site quota username'
to regain access.
The version 1.2 is writed in standard C, forgot the bash version (1.0),
it had some bugs, sorry for that.
In the tar file, you will find also 'fix.c' a little util, for setup
the user ownership in /glftpd/site/ dir, and 'quota-setup.sh', the
script for install the main program.
In future I will add some banner files to advise the user, and also you
can simply set an email address for the user in the quotadb, so a mail
will remember to the user his status.

SHA-1 1325a60f39b6aede1cc66ba75dd08515bcf70ab7 | quota124.tar.gz
SHA-1 ead6808dfe0860172aba7efbc236cf336e1e87cb | quota123.tar.gz
SHA-1 9c9f5c8d402bc38285b2063166d0dcaca524be9a | quota121.tar.gz

Quota 1.2.4


NOTE: Use only the major version 0.72 in production.
Compile it with: 

gcc -o htgl -lcrypt htgl.c for GlFTPd 1.32
gcc -o htgl -lcrypt -lcrypto htgl.c for GlFTPd 2.0X

Then copy in your Glftpd's bin dir.

It helps you to autowrite the new hosting for your server, set users's
homedir, delete Alias Hostname ecc...

SHA-1 91167d29cc2736a92fff92e1fc52fd49d98808fd | htgl072.tar.gz
SHA-1 047b444378d3ef3ec884e059704310197a1e7298 | htgl06c.tar.gz
SHA-1 7b36539be42991a81941f82c8d7fc467b364163d | htgl06a.tar.gz
SHA-1 31217a970f238fcf55e42b10b7d4eb5ac0b71d14 | htgl02.tar.gz

HtGL 0.72 for Glftpd 1.32/2.0X _ Apache
HtGL for Glftpd/Apache


This is a test, not a real an util, but the way, I wanna post on
If you want manage all your Gadmins with one tool, and you need to
create virtualhosts under the Gadmin account use it. Read the .nfo
packed in 'phgl.tar.gz'.
Note: the 0.3 version fixes a huge bug, so upgrade.

SHA-1 121d93a3483bb09bb50c2f3234b790c2ad3af331 | phgl02.tar.gz
SHA-1 740a37a38fd4e5d74d7d09f7cdeb07f9f4edd92c | phgl03.tar.gz

PhGL 0.3 (fixed)


This is a 'Personal Log Util', and dupe crc check.
For more info read the nfo.

SHA-1 97adbdb6030f42603912154f0ac7f1a9af2cdf74 | gwhgl.tar.gz

Gwhgl 0.14


Move file with right prefix where you want, see the .nfo in the gzip file
for help.

SHA-1 b8ef904390d939983dc4c9067673b3387d453552  rpgl02.tar.gz

RpGL 0.2


This util has been created after I saw the HighLand DC script, I thought
to write new one for Kad but without use a ip database. For more infos,
just check the checker.c file.

SHA-1 485e74c47065b6133c7627865091b1aef7e20534 gl_antikad_022.tar.gz

gl_antikad 0.22


SHA1 a2a6d175c1e000bc1212924b669af311c3ae5936 glbeacon_001d.tar.gz

GLbeacon 001d

SHA1 a2a6d175c1e000bc1212924b669af311c3ae5936 glbeacon_001c.tar.gz

GLbeacon 001c


Greets to:
Zio for hints and help!

Pogue (iMPURE) for the main logo.

Click Here for the news.